Code for Heaven

Start from scratch, then reach the skies

About me

Hello World is a mandatory first lesson in every programming course you can find. Since I find myself constant beginner, I think there’s no other way I should start the introduction.



In March, 2017 I came back to Poland from New Zealand where for over five months I had been living the life of a missionary. For the time then, I wanted to settle a bit. Stop changing places and communities every now and then. I needed a job, but my recent experience was mostly of the ministerial background.

To cut this story short, with a help of my friend I started a career of software developer and since then I’m learning how to do my job, how to do it effectively and how to be satisfied with the stuff done.


Here I present you every discovery I make at my fields of interest – mostly web development and living the life to its fullness with God. Because this is the best way I learn, by sharing with others. And I love it!

So hopefully, you’ll find some interesting stories for yourself.  Please, make yourself comfortable. 

Welcome to the Code for Heaven