Code for Heaven

Start from scratch, then reach the skies

console.log ( “Hello World!” );

Hello World is a mandatory first class in every programming course you can find. Here I start, because, after all, it’s the hardest part one would ever have to do.


My name is Matthew. I’m an artist and I like to programme. This website is my portfolio. And it doesn’t matter that, right now there is not so much to show off. Even the fact, that I made from scratch this particular WP theme, should not make any impression on you. I will improve it gradually and the whole process will be documented right here, on this blog.


If you’re interested in process of creating a website bottom-up, you will be able to watch each step from a very close lookout. And what is this heaven? Well, if you come back here regularly, you will find out.

My dear reader,
It’s right time to start!

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