Strength of Settle

I used to be a traveler. Cross-countries, cross-believes, cross-societies. I treasure much every experience and yet, recently, I have decided to settle where I come from, and I find my choice being fruitful, which is the result I would never have guessed before.READ MORE

.NET Developer Days 2017

Last week, me and my workmate went for .NET Developer Days Conference which took place in Warsaw. It was the first experience of this kind for me and I pretty impressed by the scale and quality of that event. Even though I might have not understood everything at the first time, most of the speeches I attended were inspiring and broadening my knowledge and programming experience. Out of jotted notes I tried to make something more lasting and useful and hence down here I present you a short list of just-less-shorter topics covered during the conference:

  1. IFileProvider
  2. Kestrel


File providers are a new way to access file in .NET Core applications. It's yet another abstraction in this framework and is a buffer between physical localization and place of file or folder in project's tree. It provides organized and restricted access to files or assemblies defined in a scope.READ MORE


Kestrel is a webserver included by default as one of fundamentals of ASP.NET Core framework. It provides additional layer in communication between Internet and Application. WIth Kestrel, ASP Core applications doesn't require any other server like IIS, Nginx or Apache, though it's still applicable. And sometimes necessary, because Kestrel doesn't support sharing the same IP and port between multiple processes.READ MORE

Excuse Me, it’s not the right font size!

We all know the case. You design the web for whole world and for Internet Explorer users. There’d always be something, that needs to be readjusted for this exceptional browser. Recently I was asked to fix bug on one of our sites, where map icons were not displayed correctly, which is presented on the image below.READ MORE

Law books full of paragraphs

Paragraphs will contain (not) them all!

One of my stories today, was to reformat four-column footer in our base theme. The source code, however, was based on paragraphs with pretty much of spans and anchors nested inside of them. And I was supposed to fit even more. My first, thought was to try sticking given content there by force, but before I did that, I had asked good uncle Google, what will work? This is how I got this fine list of elements, that were given golden paragraph membership card:READ MORE

If everything was just like programming

Creating my personal blog was the idea of my friend, a programmer. He claimed that having one effectively motivates to grow and is a nice treat beside your regular job. My personal website will become a virtual business card that I can present to any employer.