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Start from scratch, then reach the skies

If everything was just like programming

Creating my personal blog was the idea of my friend, a programmer. He claimed that having one effectively motivates to grow and is a nice treat beside your regular job. My personal website will become a virtual business card that I can present to any employer.

Initially I was sceptical, but during our conversation my friend finally convinced me, that relatively modest experience, that I have, is not a handicap at all. Posts will be much more valuable than the presentation of finished projects. Then, I decided to start.

Few late nights later I was proud owner of domain and server as well as of installed WordPress and in my notebook I had listed plenty of topics I can work on at first. That night, when I was getting ready to sleep, I realised that my approach to creating a blog is completely different from what used to do – I just started doing it!

I published my first post on a incomplete website. Then I began to work on further improvements and when I didn’t know something, I was looking for help in the Internet and literature. If I had applied my old way of practice here, most probably I would have ended up after a month with completely nothing!

Since I design my blog as it goes along, I can verify my ideas by every step I make. So I don’t waste time for unnecessary speculations. Believe me, in that scale of project I don’t need any long-term strategies. My blog comes into being as though organically – piece by piece – without stress and needles tensions that so far I don’t have a fan-page and proper widget for Social Media. Get a life! At the time of writing this post, even the commenting option is not ready.

Surprisingly, how many other areas of my life seems to be those “large-scale operations”. For example: “taking care of my own health”, which is diet and gym. Although it’s good to do both appropriately, accordingly to what professionals say, I would probably have died tryin’ before I had understood all suggested variations of exercising.

I learnt this different approach to action not because programming, but it was definitely one of the first fields that underwent the change. I’m so glad with that! I’m enormously content, that my overrated perfectionism retreated, while taking along with it its sister, procrastination.

What is your approach to programming and clearing up your goals? In which domains of your life you continue to struggle with self-limiting, too high expectations? And how do you deal with them? Please, leave your comment below, once it’s finally available.

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