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Strength of Settle

I used to be a traveler. Cross-countries, cross-believes, cross-societies. I treasure much every experience and yet, recently, I have decided to settle where I come from, and I find my choice being fruitful, which is the result I would never have guessed before.

Our culture has become nomadic again. Not only in a sense of travels or migrations, which is obvious. But even more in a sense that has driven our ancestors to live in a constant move. To satisfy human basic needs.

Today we rather seek new lands of milk & honey at the Instagram and hunt there for fat herds of likes and love. But please, don't get bored. It's not another article about bad world…

…it's much more personal.

Imagine driving your car for dozens of kilometers between green hills and valleys, where the only inhabitants are sheep because human settlements happen once in some 60 kilometers. It's Aoteora – New Zealand.

This is how I started asking myself questions: why had these people decided in such remoteness, with only few neighbours, distant from culture, education or even (yes…) the ever Internet? I didn't get the answers from them, but ultimately I answered myself a question, what will help me make such decision.

I have already said, that I used to be very nomadic. By then, I wasn't that aware of pattern that ruled over my life. I changed fellowships or communities quite frequently, never making it further beyond the stage of surface connection at large. I was driven by both dream and fear and traveled to find perfect environment.

In a consequence, I gathered plenty of experience and made friends in many parts of the world. But my utmost desire remained unfullfilled. Have you noticed, that in the stories like Moana, adventure actually prepares the main character for the challenge still waiting for her at home? External quest makes her ready for more intimate, internal journey. Have you noticed that? I have this year.

By the time I returned to Poland, I already knew the eplogue has begun. That I won't be more ready to do what I have to do and what I expected adventures will deal with.

Historically, mankind could start civilization because they learned how to be self-sustainable and how to react to external threats rather than running away from them. I find my story aligned and then myself in the process of Agricultural Revolution, which – forgive me – is a hard term, I couldn't resist to use and means transition from nomads to settlers.

I’m finally on a track to true maturity, which I would describe as ability to live well – first with myself and then with others. I found my roots in the love of God the Father and I can see how it transforms me into a man who has more inner peace, doesn't rely on given credit, but boldly follows the dreams and enjoys the life in every piece.

It's hard – I miss my friends from New Zealand like heaven and would kill for opportunity of longer adventure in a new part of the world. But engagements I commited to will keep me here for at least a year. It's not easy at all, but I know by heart, that's the right path.

Couple of months ago I heard this message by Rich Wilkerson, Jr.: "Submission will take you further, than any ambition can ever dream of". It helps me remain patient and leave to God what's beyond the range of my influence.

What's your story, adventure? Is your hero going to find peace and strength to come back and bring fruits to the others?

Photos by Robert Zunikoff and Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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