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Hi, I'm Mateusz

I work as a UX Designer in a leading ticketing company and help a group of UX novices get into business.

Latest Articles.

My Gatsby Helmet - tags for Facebook's Open Graph

Sep 23

How to use Helmet in Gatsby and remain DRY.

Why do I have this blog?

Sep 11

There are two reasons. Do you share them?

Always be... REVIEWING

Sep 10

I learned it painfully: how important it is to review my code before committing it. Being a junior developer means having a personal, emotional relationship with scripts. It is not helpful when receiving a critique from a colleague.

I started using Grammarly and Hemingway and I love them

Sep 07

If you haven't tried it yet. Just do it! You'll make your content more digestible. And the Internet will become a better place.

How producing a podcast helps me to defeat my perfectionism

Sep 05

For most of my life, I struggled with the self-implied expectation to instantly deliver perfect solutions. Luckily, recent experience of recording, editing, and publishing podcast episode on a weekly basis finally gets me out of it.

How I mix voices with music in our podcast

Aug 14

This one is not about programming, but I had to make myself an useful note. Maybe you make a use of it too.

This feeling, when I don't clear tasks

Aug 07

Do you use Jira? It's nice when you clear stories one after another, isn't it? Or do you dream about soloprenuer freedom? My recent experience is that being free from outside contracts and having opportunity to do somethin on your own, perhaps new - in a blue ocean, looks good only upfront, but when confronted, it's scary and full of high waves. Sincere post.

Making dreams come true: my first podcast

Aug 06

Sorry guys, it's in Polish, but please cheer up with me on fulfilling dreams!

GIFs and MP4s in GatsbyJS Markdown (MDX)

Jul 28

Every blog post deserves a GIF!

MDX in Gatsby

Jul 27

Upgrade Markdown with JS and components!

Creatives from Poland, please, help with our project

Jul 24

It will take you only 10 minutes. Promise.

How to create multiple types of markdown content in GatsbyJS

Jul 23

Would you like to have different pages AND blog posts both created from markdown files? Read further!

It's nice to play, but I need a blog

Jul 22

Blah, blah, blah. Colors gonna color. Custom features gonna make you scream.

Sticky footer using CSS Flexbox

Oct 11

How to make your footer always keep to the bottom of your page, even when the rest of the content is shorter than view port?