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Always be... REVIEWING

I learned it painfully: how important it is to review my code before committing it. Being a junior developer means having a personal, emotional relationship with scripts. It is not helpful when receiving a critique from a colleague.

But I started to appreciate those meetings, discussions over prepared solutions. I would never have learned so much, if not these reviews. Not only they based on a live matter. They were impulses to further sharing.

When I switched to UI design and development, I didn't have someone to frequently review my work. I started to miss these opportunities. I'm proficient at HTML and CSS, but like for any individual, it was impossible to grasp everything at once.

I brought code reviews experience to podcast production. Every week, after I edit another episode, I put it in the cloud for my teammates to listen to. They send me a list of timestamps, where they could hear glitches. I can remove them in no time.

I could hear from my friends that their bosses demand them to deliver quickly and flawlessly. Time scarcity leaves no space for scheduled inspections. My friends complain to me that, no matter how much they try, there would always be a mistake. I'm surprised their bosses don't see any connection.

You may work in a code-review cultured company. Appreciate it and seize the opportunity. If it is the opposite, try it anyway! Do it when your boss doesn't look. Ask your teammate. Share this mindset, and sooner or later, you'll collect enough evidence to convince the unconvinced.

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