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How I mix voices with music in our podcast

For a last week I've edited and mixed our brand new podcast called Let me in UX (hosted in Polish). Because I use a nice, hip-hop background music as an intro and outro I wanted this to blend nicely with my voice, when I introduce the following episode's topic.

I'd learnt at Pluralsight course by Thomas Winkley how to make a nice adjustments by using equalizer, but each time I wanted to use that knowledge, I would head to pluralsight, log in (if necessary), open a lesson and look up the values. So after another time, I decided to create this short blog post, so I don't need to go through that again. And perhaps someone else can benefit of that.

According to the lesson, to mix human voice with some music you should:

  • boost human voice at 320Hz and 2600Hz
  • lower music sound gain at about 250Hz and 2000Hz

That should make different channels nicely blend with one another. I cannot explain why it works, but that's fine for me for now.

Edit [2020-08-15]

I realized, that I can make presets in DaVinci Resolve 16, which I'm using to edit each episode.

Edit [2020-09-10]

Today I found this much more detailed youtube video:

Intakes from the video:

  • for male voice boost by 3dB from 65Hz to 100Hz and more than 12kHz
  • for female voice boost by 3dB from 140hz to 180Hz and more than 12khz

Enjoyed it? Great! Let's stay in touch.