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How producing a podcast helps me to defeat my perfectionism

It's been already 5 episodes. Incredible! I can see the progression from one week to another because I edit recordings and mix them together. We have become more confident in work with microphones. We are improving on how good we are prepared. And as a team, we gain a greater flow each week.

If I had to produce it by myself, I'd need much more time to release the first episode. But probably because we made an agreement on the publishing date and maybe because not everything depended on me, our podcast said it's "Hello World!" on a scheduled day.

Now I'm looking forward to reproducing this effect on other projects and areas in my life. It doesn't work automatically, but I know that witnessing benefit brings the correct attitude to change elsewhere. So, if it'd be enough for you to read this post, go ahead and cut yourself loose from perfectionism or any other unnecessary restrictions.

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