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I started using Grammarly and Hemingway and I love them

This week I continue writing down content for my portfolio. I want all of it to be well designed, which also means that texts have to be easily consumable. I don't know, specifically, who is going to read or scan it.

Inherently I'm a storyteller. My family and friends love it, and I treasure it as one of my personal assets. But I also understand that in a first encounter this quality may not be recognized positively. That's why I decided to use Grammarly and Hemingway apps to check my writings not only for spelling but also for clarity.

The usage is very simple. Whatever you wrote, you can paste in both apps. After seconds of asynchronous processing, you will receive validation. With highlights and colors, apps will let you know what you can improve. You will know if you used too difficult words or write too long sentences.

Surely, like a lot of people who write, I hope one day to write something more sophisticated and elaborate. But think that your blog post can have a much bigger reach! It will open your content to people who don't have your level of expertise. People with focus problems will also enjoy shorter sentences and paragraphs.

For me lowering readability grade or getting zero warnings is so satisfying!

Enjoyed it? Great! Let's stay in touch.