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It's nice to play, but I need a blog

My blog has undergone through plenty of changes. From platforms like blogspot to Wordpress, until recently I moved to self-made static website built with GatsbyJS. And even the latest platforms had already two reveals, which I tried to create in mythological after hours. Poor results are presented in the video below

First, I wanted to have some BIG, BOLD elements, but I realized, it doesn't make sense to make a date block the most attention drawing element on the page. I also wanted to finally play with colors and different shapes than geometrical primitives, so I tried yellow (for sun) and cloud, which combined supposed to represent heaven. But it turned out rather a messy hell. Don't play with colors too soon.

So I cleansed everything, ripped colors and shapes to the bare ground and started from scratch again. It went nice. Simple typography and HTML backbone that doesn't require much of a tweaking by CSS.

It went good and then... I started to dream about few NICE features. Nothing big. Just multiple types of content (posts and pages), centered images, inline markdown in MDX components to name just a few. And yeah, instead of setting up my blog quickly I burried myself in reading docs and github discsussions. If I hadn't wanted to put the video above and centered, I would have published this post two days ago. So yeah...

But on the other hand, I have a plenty of content to write about, so stay in touch and

Come tomorrow.

Enjoyed it? Great! Let's stay in touch.